Liga bbva: Barcelona’s newcomer — Kevin-Prince Boateng

Different with the method they have anticipated, the newcomer of Barcelona is football royalty. Going through the concourse from Camp Nou and standing with smile, Kevin-Prince takes his new No. 19 shirt. Among all football clubs he had stayed with, the tenth is the strongest one. He had played for nine football clubs prior to put on Barcelona kit, such as Hertha, Tottenham, Dortmund, Portsmouth, etc. It is surprised that the former footballer in left field will take the position of center-forward. Such a condition is beyond expectations of most people.

After his signing with Barcelona in Liga bbva, Boateng believed that it is a great opportunity. The footballer himself  hasn’t expected he could become a member of Barcelona. Before this signing, he was told that he was going to Milan, so he thought it was just a joke. Some Spanish people have astonished to the consequence, upon hearing the breaking news. Some headlines of papers came with exclamation marks, which also indicate most people were surprised about it.

Having been searching for a back-up forward for a long time, the newcomer shall be able to take some pressure. In the meantime, Luis Suárez intended to leave the club. There were also clear criterion when they are finding suitable footballers. On the one hand, Barcelona would like a skilled player, contributing to the team his part from the start; on the other hand, the back-up footballer should be cheap, because they could not afford an expensive and famous footballer.

Considering the special needs, the newcomer may leave easily, so the team would not like arouse any problems. Such problems should have been estimated in the summer. Barcelona didn’t expect that Antoine Griezmann would like to stay at Atlético. The defeat of Champions League in Roma last year disappointed all Barcelona’s men, it is a great regret at the end of the season. In addition, the defeat also ruined joys of a domestic double.

Suárez confirmed that he hoped to see more options before the night. Barcelona didn’t rest their hope on winning the Champions League. No only number, but also personality are what they needed. After Munir El Haddadi left, they are aware that he was not the support forward, so they cast a glimpse to the market.

Álvaro Morata was one option, but he was too expensive, and Barcelona side could not make sure the middle and long term effects of him. Cristhian may be a perfect person to take the position of a substitute, but the buy-out cost is too high for them. In the end, they considered Boateng’s level and ability, too.

Although he had not been given the No. 9 shirt, Boateng played the role of a center-forward. His arrival also indicated some improvisation and some uncertainty of Barcelona’s plan. It also emphasized the significance of planning. Besides Real Madrid and Barcelona, there are also many other football clubs could dominate the league. So the football club have to face the result of their expenditure. Over the summer, total salaries of all Barcelona’s men turned down to €28m.

The Latest News From England

England have just unveiled their latest 25-man squad for next week’s friendlies against Croatia and Spain, with some returning and first-choice players. Here is England’s latest list of goalkeepers: jack Batlan (Stoke city), Alex McCarthy (Southampton), Jordan Pickford (Everton) and Betty Nelly (Fulham). Defenders: Alexander (Liverpool), Arnold Joseph Gomez (Liverpool), harry Maguire (Leicester city), Danny rose (spurs), Luke Shaw (Manchester united), John stone (Manchester city), James Tal Khodorkovsky (Burnley), Terry’s (Spurs), Kyle walker (Manchester city). The midfield: Ross Buckley (Chelsea), Nathaniel Los (Watford), Eric dell (Spurs), Jordan Henderson (Liverpool), the mount (Derby county), Harry Winks (Spurs). Forward:Harry Kane (Spurs), James Madison (Leicester city), Marcus rush ford (Manchester united), Jaden Sancho (Borussia Dortmund), sterling (Manchester city), Danny Welbeck (Arsenal). England manager Gareth Southgate has made several changes in the list, the last time the list of Ali, Manchester united, Tottenham midfielder listed Lagarde Lin and others are not selected team due to injury, two leicester city players and winger left-back, gray, Chelsea midfielder Ruben rove figure chick, etc are all lost,Of change is a recall to the Chelsea midfielder Buckley, the Tottenham player winks, Watford young midfielder Los, first enlisted three much-anticipated more young couples Leicester city midfielder Madison, from Chelsea this season on loan at championship side Derby midfielder mount, more than the Bundesliga winger Jaden Sancho. As the latest list reveals, Southgate wants to further rejuvenate the England squad, with as many as 14 of the 25 players under 25 and six never playing for the national team. Among the biggest fans to watch are Madison and Jaden Sancho, both of whom have played well this season and have shown formidable potential. The England football shirt has several famous symbols that are very symbolic, two of which are the rose and st. George’s cross. The third, the “three lions” logo on the chest of the England Football shirt, is a classic totem dating back to the 12th century. As the main design element, these three iconic designs played an important role in England’s 2018 full-line clothing design.

They make this season’s jerseys history, and Nike’s latest revolutionary jerseys technological innovation is like a fast-forward button that takes history straight to the present. The former this season from the English champions Norwich city joined Leicester city, although only 21 years old, but in the field of calm and field vision is very mature, and its age is not proportional to the wind of a great general, plus the first game of the premier league has been so performance, it is a surprise. With seven league starts this season, three goals and two assists, Madison is not only good at putting in the ball from behind, but is also an offensive organizer, paving the way for his teammates. He has the creativity and the ability to handle dead balls that England need today.
Who wins for England 2017 World Cup less, and selected as the best player in the European under-17 national cup, move to the Bundesliga club from Manchester city last summer after Dortmund, very young Jaden reuse Sancho, will play for the team in the league in his first season 12 times, and in April the only home win against Bayer Leverkusen in the league to get individual season first career and personal goals. Jeden Sancho has played six league games in Monte Carlo this season, all as substitutes, but has contributed five assists and one goal. The driver, who is on loan from Chelsea to Montt in Derbyshire, has become an integral part of the club’s squad under the tutelage of former international star frank Lampard, and it is believed that Southgate will play the three players in the two friendly matches, allowing the youngsters to draw on their international experience and prepare for the future.